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Photos Tell the Story

Pictures that show why trains are not so efficient

A light rail train crashes into a bus in Los Angeles:

How ironic: a clear statement showing just how bad trains could be for cyclists!

Witness the backup on East Wash in the morning of Nov. 20, when a single engine was crossing the tracks!
Photo by Doug B.

Currently, a freight train crosses E. Wash about once a week.

Imagine 6-13 per hour-- shorter commuter trains blocking all lanes of  E. Wash
and nearly all other main highways into Madison -
some several times
- during rush hour(s).

How long will it take to stop the traffic, wait for the train to pass, untangle the traffic before the next train crosses? 
Photo by Doug B.

What else needs to be said??

A car ad in a Prague Subway:
Car Ad in Prague Subway

Not much room left on the road for the cars:
Not much room on the roads left for the cars!

Here's a train in Portland that ran into a Firetruck:

Click on this photo for more pictures from Portland's great train system.

Have you heard about The Great Train Robbery?

Watch this historic silent film from 1903, and

let's help Madison and Dane County escape a similar fate:

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